Millionaire Maker

Euromillions millionaire maker is included in all tickets purchased in the UK for EuroMillions, without an additional charge. At each draw the game guarantees at least 1 million pounds, and on rare occasions, more is paid out. Every Tuesday and Friday night, if a code matches that of your ticket, you will have won £1 million! The UK Euromillions millionaire makeer's newest findings will appear here. Once your code is done, pick a drawing date to check your main EuroMillions numbers as well and see whether you won any of the other 13 prize levels.In every EuroMillions draw the Millionaire Maker game generates at least 1 UK millionaire. More winners are generated in special promotions. You will be alerted in the table above when further codes are drawn.

All rewards must be claimed within 180 days from the draw date, like all the national lottery games of Britain. You will need to sign and keep your ticket safer as it proves your claim when you acquired your ticket from a licenced shop. You may rest since you are alerted of any victory when you are playing online.When you just obtain an advanced ticket eligible for several draws, the identical code is entered for each of them. Your Euromillions millionaire maker number will be only applicable on the ticket's draws dates.

Millionaire Maker Codes & Results

For the latest EuroMillions draw, the winning raffle code is provided below: Check the previous lottery draws' millionaire maker codes in the following table.

How Millionaire Maker Works?

Euromillions Millionaire Maker operates like a regular ticket with each bought ticket being equal opportunities to win. A random Euromillions millionaire maker Code is automatically created for each line of EuroMillions numbers you purchase and properly labelled on your ticket. You can't choose your own code since every code needs to be unique.

Odds of winning for Millionaire Maker

Check the previous Euromillions lottery drawings' millionaire maker codes in the table given below. You can win it in four ways. Millionaire Maker's winning odds are listed in the following table.

Draw Odds of winning
Base Draw Tuesday 1/3,500,000
Base Draw for Friday 1/5,000,000
4x Rollover for Tuesday 1/4,700,000
4x Rollover for Friday 1/6,600,000