EuroMillions Hotpicks

Hotpicks is quite similar to the main EuroMillions Lottery. This add-on game was recently developed by Camelot exclusive for UK players, that involves only the five normal EuroMillions numbers to match the chosen numbers. However, unlike the EuroMillions Lottery, the lucky star numbers are not opted. Furthermore, EuroMillions Hotpicks is customized for players to choose any of the following picks:

  • Pick 1: From 1-50, choose any one number. This number must match any one number in the EuroMillions draw to claim the prize of £10.
  • Pick 2: 2 numbers must be selected to match any two drawn numbers of EuroMillions draw. The prize of £100 can’t be yours if you match only one number.
  • Pick 3: Opt any 3 numbers to win the prize of £1500. If only 2 numbers match, then you cannot claim the prize.
  • Pick 4: Select any 4 numbers from 1-50 and must match all four numbers to claim the prize of £30,000.
  • Pick 5: Pick and match any 5 numbers to win £1,000,000. However, if only 4 chosen numbers match, you’ll lose the prize.


Your all selected numbers must match with the EuroMillions Drawn numbers, otherwise you lose.

How much a EuroMillions Hotpicks ticket costs?

It costs only £1.50 for each EuroMillions Hotpicks tickets. The tickets are available online from 6pm to 11pm every day. However, on the draw day, you must purchase your ticket before 19:30 GMT on the draw days.

How is the EuroMillions Hotpicks draw announced?

Excluding the lucky star numbers from the main EuroMillions draw, the five normal are used as the winning numbers of the Hotpicks draw.

When and where is the draw announced?

The EuroMillions Hotpicks draw is announced on every Tuesday and Friday just like the main EuroMillions draw. The results exclusively for this add-on game are announced just after the EuroMillions draw declarations at 20:00 GMT.

Can only a UK citizen qualify for the EuroMillions Hotpicks?

Yes, this add-on game is exclusive for the players residing in only UK as the tickets are sold by the National Lottery retailers in United Kingdom.

Can the max winning amount rollover from £1 Million if no one wins?

No, the winning prizes of the EuroMillions Hotpicks remain fixed whether won or not. The prize of winning 5 picks remains £1 Million in every draw while for winning 1 pick is £10.

Is playing EuroMillions necessary to qualify for the Hotpicks?

It is not necessary to play EuroMilions Lottery for qualifying for the EuroMillions Hotpicks. Any UK player can buy tickets for the EuroMillions Hotpicks. The results of this draw are evaluated separately.

What are the chances of winning EuroMillions Hotpicks?

  • 1 in every 10 players can claim Prize for Pick 1(£10)
  • 1 in every 132 can win prize for pick 2 ( £100)
  • 1 in every 1960 has the chance to win Pick 3( £1500)
  • 1 in every 46,060 can win for pick 4( £30,000)
  • 1 in every 2,118,760 players has the chance to win pick 5 (£1 Million)

What is the deadline to claim the EuroMillions Hotpicks Prize?

After the announcement of the draw results, you have 180 days to claim your Hotpicks prize, otherwise the prize money is forwarded to the Good Causes Fund.

How can I claim my EuroMillions Hotpicks winning?

The procedure for claiming the Hotpicks winnings is same as that for the main EuroMillions Lottery prizes. The online winners can contact the National Lottery Customer care team (0333 234 44 33) and share your ticket info. While for the ticket bought in person, you have to visit any authorized retailer, National Lottery Post Office or directly contacting National Lottery (0333 234 50 50) and let your ticket be scanned and get your winnings approved!