Eurojackpot is a popular multinational lottery of Europe initiated in November 2011 by Germany, Finland, Denmark, Slovenia, Italy, Estonia and the Netherlands. The lottery later received Spain, Croatia, Iceland, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway, Sweden, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia, and Poland as active participants. The first draw took place in March 2012.

The first ever largest Jackpot of Eurojackpot was claimed by a player of Czech Republic on 15th May, 2015 amounting €90,000,000! Since then the same huge jackpot amount has been won 10 times with the recent one claimed on 15th January, 2021. If the jackpot remains unachieved, the amount roll over to the upcoming draw until it reaches a cap of €90 Million.

Playing Eurojackpot

Carefully select 5 normal numbers from 1-50 and 2 Euro numbers from 1-10. The two euro numbers are selected separately and can match with your five normal numbers chosen already, so no worries for that. The selection of the digits should be done strategically using useful tactics.

Eurojackpot Draw

The Eurojackpot results are drawn every Friday at 21:00 pm in Helsinki, Finland. However, the analysis of the triumphant tickets takes place in Germany and Denmark.

Eurojackpot tickets

A Eurojackpot lottery ticket for one line costs €2. The tickets are available online as well as at authorized retail shops in respective countries.

Eurojackpot prizes

The Eurojackpot lottery Jackpot starts at €10 Million and can rollover to a cap of €90 Million. Other than the Jackpot, Eurojackpot awards 11 more handsome prizes for successfully matching the following set of numbers:

  • 5 normal + 2 euro numbers = Boom! Jackpot!
  • 5 normal + 1 euro number = 2nd Prize
  • All five normal numbers = 3rd Prize
  • 4 normal + 2 euro numbers = 4th Prize
  • 4 normal + 1 euro numbers = 5th Prize
  • All four normal numbers = 6th Prize
  • 3 normal + 2 euro numbers = 7th Prize
  • 3 normal + 1 euro number = 8th Prize
  • All 3 normal numbers = 9th Prize
  • 2 normal + 2 euro numbers = 10th Prize
  • 2 normal + 1 euro numbers = 11th Prize
  • 1 normal + 2 euro numbers = 12th Prize

It is thrilling to play for the Eurojackpot when the Jackpot reaches to the climax of €90 Million. This is the high time when the subsidiary prizes receive an increase in amounts thereby increasing the odds of winners.

What is the legal age of playing Eurojackpot?

Player of all the participating countries except Estonia should be 18+. As for the Estonia, the minimum age limit is 16 years.

Until when I can buy Eurojackpot tickets?

The tickets are available online untill 18:30 CET. However, if you haven’t bought the tickets till the draw day, you can stil grab them before 18:40 CET and choose your numbers quickly!

Are Eurojackpot winnings subjected to tax?

There are some countries as Croatia, Hungary, Italy, the Netherlands, Poland, Slovenia and Spain which impose taxes of up to 30% on different winnings. All other countries do not levy taxes.

What are the chances of winning the Jackpot?

1 in 95,344,200 can beat the jackpot of Eurojackpot. However, on average, 1 in 26 can win any of the 11 subsidiary prize!

How can I purchase the tickets online?

Online tickets can be purchased through following steps:

  • 1. Sign up for the account on Eurojackpot website of your country.
  • 2. Register yourself with accurate info and credentials.
  • 3. Deposit enough money for the ticket into your account.
  • 4. Purchase the Eurojackpot ticket and best of luck!

Can I qualify for the Eurojackpot from abroad?

Yes, definitely you can purchase the tickets online from anywhere on the globe and qualify for the Euro Jackpot and the subsidiary prizes.